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2015 Mill Paths

Summer 2015


Starting with the history of Červeny Mlýn ("the Red Mill") that houses ArtMill, we will explore cultural and artistic paths of what makes a mill. Symbolically, they were the focal point of a community in old times, milling flour that supplied the basic staple of life: bread. Starting with drawings, designs, and models, we will create new architectural and visual models for what a mill can be, in the broadest sense of the word.  Students will be encouraged to think of the mill as a metaphor for civil society: an instrument that creates energy and life. Water runs around the mill, so we will also study alternative energy sources, while developing drawings of the local lake and streams.  


The second part of the course will include traveling to other local mills of our beautiful region, by bicycle, on country roads and paths that date back to ancient times. (Mlýn Hoslovice, Rosenauerův mlýn v Horažďovicích), are two examples we will visit, the former being one of the oldest mills in the Czech Lands that is still functioning. Rosenaeruv Mill is in the process of becoming a major Ecological Center in Central Europe, and we will have a discussion with it's new Director. An overnight trip to the famous castle and mill Jindrichuv Hradec will complete the tour, where we will learn about one of the more ambitious alternative energy-projects in the country. Surrounded by the incredible gothic and romanesque architecture, students will have a final chance to record their impressions in paintings and drawings in plein air. 

This Workshop experience is appropriate for anyone interested in creativity and sustainability in the broadest sense:  artists, thinkers, writers, scientists, environmentalists, musicians, theorists, educators and creative practitioners.  All ages welcome to apply. Arts Administration and Visual Culture students are also encouraged to apply. Credits are available through our affiliation with Anglo-American University in Prague.  Amateur and beginning artists are encouraged to join us as we will cover basic composition, shading and other traditional 2-D techniques in visual representation.

 The program fee includes:

*Academic Credits (3-6)
*Housing in Jindrichuv Hradec and at ArtMill
*2 meals in Jindrichuv Hradec (lunch, dinner)
*Museum, tour and excursion fees
*All meals at ArtMill (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
*Transportation costs within the Czech Republic (travel to and from CR not included)
*Use of complete studio facilities including a large assortment of art materials, photo printing: digital and wet/dry, sculpture materials, paint, paper, inks, etc. (within budget)
*Spacious individual studio spaces
*Access to bikes, lakes, gardens, forest hiking, outdoor classrooms, extensive library, etc.
*WiFi access  


Application Deadline is May 1, 2015


To apply, send two short paragraphs on your work, plus C.V.  INCLUDE UP TO 5 DIGITAL IMAGES.

You must register below. 

FEE: 2400 Euro

Tuition Payment Due:  May 15, 2015


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