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Summer Camp:Movement

It's raining cats and dogs, so it must be time for summer camp! It's early morning here at the mill, and the place is full of sleeping bodies, just in last night from all corners of the planet. These dedicated teachers and young people have come to teach and nurture the children for ten days at our annual Summer Camp for Sustainable Creativity here at ArtMill. 

Our various teachers will be introducing themselves to you here on our blog each day or so, as a new treat for our readers who can't make it to camp. Dedicating their time to help foster creativity in youth, these people are to be admired for their gumption to give up their own summertime to share with others. Arriving from Spain, France, California, Prague, New York, and Russia, we'll have a great mixture of returnees and newbies.

In the pouring rain last night we grilled sausages and ate Daniel Munter's mouthwatering potato salad. He'll be putting together a course in Environmental Politics for the kids, when he's not spoiling us with his cuisine. Artist-in-Residence Kathleen Graves from NYC had the idea to work her photographs around our "Movement" theme for this year, which can be interpreted in so many ways. Animated filmaker Alex Katis (and ArtDialogue staff) will be documenting it all. Marketa will dazzle the foreign students by teaching them some Czech before they know what has happened to them. Jerome Paquet, who does Improv will run a workshop in the evenings which will open the kids up to what's inside. Russell Decker decided to contribute a karate class, besides Spanish. Alex Nichols, returning this year as a teacher, will create an ever-expanding and changing mural of words and images on a huge wall at the mill with the students. Marianka and Barbara will take the classic Painting and Drawing classes, to be possibly set to music. Seema Seraj, returning to teach after being a counselor here at the first ArtMill (see "Seema's Story" in our photo archive, 2005!), will both teach piano and set the theatre work to music. Our vivacious theatre director Miriam Tobin is scheming a new piece of course, that will incorporate all of the above activities in some wonderful conglomerate form.


When creative people sit in a room and brainstorm, amazing things happen. This is an incubator for what we can put out into the world, and do, in small bright brush strokes. It may be a watercolor painting this year, or a rock concert, but it will indeed change the world in some small way. To all our great teachers: Thank YOU and Welcome! 


2012-07-04 - 06:32:00  by barbarabenish

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