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Kathleen Caricof-2017

Working in marble for over 30 years, Kathi's work is in major public art collections around the USA. We are delighted to have her join us at ArtMill, for 3 weeks in the summer of 2017. She'll be leading a two day intensive workshop for students in July. 

Kathi Caricof


I have a passion for design, multiple materials and their processes—and working with my hands. For

more than thirty- years my focus has been on designing for specific spaces. Whether that space is

architectural or environmental, I approach the design challenge with deliberate consciousness, choosing

design elements and materials that fit the site and work in harmony with the environmental context.

My degree is in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where I was

lucky enough to study under some incredible designers (including Buckminster Fuller ) and work with

visionary corporations, like PPG Glass, Texas Instruments. Specializing in sculpture was a lucky

coincidence. After designing a nine piece commemorative sculpture for the Beta West/US West merger, I

fell in love with the process and began to explore the limitless possibilities of materials and form that

sculpture offers—and my journey began.

I spent the early part of my independent career as a professional sculptor, working mostly in marble,

limestone, and fiberglass, with projects ranging from small scale stone carvings to large stone sculptures

and reliefs. Many were created as commissions for individuals; others for sale in galleries in Colorado,

Arizona, New Mexico, and Wisconsin; some for public spaces (University of Denver, Bloomfield

Colorado Community Center). During this period I also enjoyed teaching at the Art Students League in

Denver and the summer-long MARBLE/marble Symposium in Marble Colorado, where I have been on

the faculty for 26 years.

Most of my art during these early years emerged as thematic series, often reflecting stages in my life


Couples—figures in various stages of connection, carved mostly in Yule marble over several years when

relationship challenges preoccupied my energy and spirit.

Faces—reflecting the many different faces women put on daily as they negotiate their complex roles and


Cindy—angels, torsos, women, sisters—expressions of grief and celebrations of life in stone, wire,

airblock and other materials.

Women in Transition—images of women like me, discovering their path to self-understanding,

empowerment, and independence.

Water Ways—flowing forms that seem to have no beginning or ending, only continuous movement,

created when my life was in a state of perpetual motion.

Vessels—strong granite shells that protect hidden human vulnerabilities and secret strengths.

Seeds—playful organic forms that mimic nature and express the mystery and exuberance of bursting into

new life.

Perhaps creating sculpture has been a form of art therapy for me all along!

For the past decade my creative energies have shifted more and more toward public art projects,

designing and engineering the project, overseeing construction and installation of thematic sculptures,

both small and monumental, in a wide variety of materials (familiar and exotic stone, steel, concrete,

mixed media, and landscape). I now work primarily with architects, cites, universities, and private

corporations designing sculptures for site-specific locations. My background in industrial design and love

for materials of all sorts allows me freedom to move beyond stone carving to design for the space—not

just the material. I feel very fortunate to be able to work as an artist in a field I love and where I can invest

myself, body, mind and spirit in designing sculpture that reflects the values I cherish and allows me to

encourage the viewing public to ponder important issues and ideals.

Looking to the future, I trust I will continue to evolve as an artist and continue to design sculpture and

spaces that engage individuals and communities in celebrating beauty in all creation, cherishing

connections with one another, and honoring people and events that have shaped their lives.

Kathi CaricofCosta Mesa, California, April 2017

Catalog notes from a recent show in Loveland, Colorado, January 30 – April 10, 2016

Momentum: Women Drive the Arts in Loveland

featuring Kathleen Caricof, Jane DeDecker, Glenna Goodacre,

Kirsten Kokkin, and Rosetta

Five women who were and continue to be influential in the development of

Loveland as an art center and creating a reputation for excellence in art.

This show provides a glimpse of several defining moments of my journey as a sculptor. The

various series of work represented here reflect emotional themes,

the power of relationships, my thoughts about the world, the meaning of life,

my exploration of artistic styles, my fascination with many materials.

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All carved in stone—from my heart. —Kathi Caricof, January 2016

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