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Barbara Benish

is ArtMill's Founding Director.  She is an artist raised in the U.S., who moved to the Czech Republic in 1993 after completing a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Prague.   Benish’s own work has been shown at P.S.1 Museum in New York, U.N.E.S.C.O. Headquarters in Paris, the Venice Biennale in Italy and a survey exhibition at  the Pomona Museum of Art at the Claremont Graduate University in California, (her alma mater).  Her work is represented in public and private collections around the world including  The Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Stadtgeschichtliche Museen in Nürnberg, Germany.  Barbara Benish has had over 40 solo exhibitions internationally.

Lexy Strong

is Art Dialogue's & ArtMill's Programme Director. She is a working artist and a recent college graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with and MA in Arts Administration and Policy. With five years of teaching various media to all age groups, her pedagogical theory steams from a multidisciplinary approach using creativity and art as the basis for growth and sustainability. Bringing forth, new perspectives, awareness and progressive thought not just in education but also in many aspects of the creative process.


Marketa Mrázová

is ArtMill's Studio Manager.  She studied accounting and languages at Plzen University and has been with ArtMill for 7 years as Assistant Director of Galerie Califia and as a member of Art Dialogue, o.s (in 2014). Marketa has been active in scouting since she was young, she is leisure time teacher and has First Aid Certificate.  She is an avid hiker, loves to travel, cultural studies, yoga and rock climbing.


Kate Spacek

is Art Dialogue's Communications Manager and ArtMill's Landscape Architect.

Originally from London, Kate studied Photography at Brighton University and Landscape Architecture at Writtle College before working in Cambridge and finally moving to CZ in 2011. Besides plants and pictures, Kate loves swimming (in lakes & rivers), snow and cake and is an unabashed novel reader.


Petr Prokopík

is a member of Art Dialogue, o.s.  Originally from Prague, Petr received Ph.D in Anthropology from Charles University in 2008 with a specialization in ‘Anthropology of Sexuality'. He has carried out research in gypsy camps in Eastern Slovakia and participated in numerous projects targeting the gypsy population, immigrants and refugees in the Czech Republic.  He has been lecturing Cultural Anthropology at  Charles University in Prague and at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen.  Currently he is running his own travel company Prague4gay and continuing his research in the field of Anthropology of Sexuality collaborating with UCLA.

Mariana Dočekalová

is a member of Art Dialogue, o.s. and Assistant Director at ArtMill's Summer Camp.  She holds a degree in Education  from Charles University in Prague, with an emphasis in Arts Education.  She works as a an author and lector at the Department of Educational Programs of Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague and previously taught art at MUM (Mother's Center), before establishing her own preschool program Kružitko. Her graphics and sculptures have been shown locally.

Jana Hayduchová

is the Graphic Designer for Galerie Califia.  She has worked for more than 15 years in graphic design and layout for various publications.  Her past professional work also includes posts at non-governmental organisations and institutions on the issues of a rural development, public involvement and increasing of public awareness on environmental issues on different levels from local to international.   Jana is a local activist,  organizer and NGO leader and expert.  She represented NGOs from the Upper Danube Basin in the negotiation processes under the Danube Environmental Programme in 90´s and more recently cooperated with the Carpathian Convention (UNEP) on several assessments of policies, institutional and legislative framework in Czech Republic and with the Aarhus Convention (UNECE) on preparation of several publications. 

Antonín Melka ("Tonda")

is ArtMill's Master Welder and general Handyman. "Tonda" has been working at the Mill since 2004. Known to be able to do anything, including helping students make sculptures out of any material, building rafts, hauling boulders, making furniture or lifting a caravan into a tree, he is an irreplaceble part of the Red Mill's family.


Gabina Dubová

is ArtMill's House/Mill Keeper. She keeps the Mill's living quarters and Starek (the guest quarters) in working order.  Gabina is a local girl who loves metallica music, her new car, and hanging out with her friends in town.  She has a ring on every finger and her son has a local rock band.  Even Tonda respects Gabina; she's a Leo.

Daniel Munter

Daniel Munter

is the cook for ArtMill's Summer Camp. He has an uncanny knack for turning ArtMill's organic, locally-grown produce into meals so delicious that even the kids don't realize how healthy they are. He's trained as a philosopher and in past lives has been a video editor, bus tour guide, web developer, English teacher and waiter. When he's not zipping through the streets of his native New York on a bike, he's dreaming of his home away from home in the Czech lands.


Maruška Kovaříková

is ArtMill's Cook.  She has been feeding the hungry students at the local elementary school for nearly 5 years as well as at ArtMill since 2005.  Her speciality, to everyone's delight, is pastry and desserts.  But, others still argue that Maruška's soups are the best in Central Europe.  Thanks to her talents, ArtMill's kichens are filled with wonderful food!

Venca, Venca & Honza


are known as The Boys.  They help out Tonda whenever needed on the mill's grounds and in the workshops.


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