Mission Statement

Bringing the pressing environmental issues of our time into tangible art forms that inspire, ignite, and engage the public at large is our goal at ArtMill and the broader outreach possible with ArtDialogue.  It is also a process we hope will invigorate the artistic community around the world, by instilling artists with a model for sustainable and non-hierarchal exhibition practices.


With Sustainable Creativity, the art world itself may be renovated to make self-sufficient modes of engaging in the creative arts that are not entirely dependent upon commercial or market economies. Our programs and projects at ArtMill help determine and recognize the potential resources and ‘culture capital’ of the artist’s contribution to our social fabric and future. Without inspiration and creativity, our chances of problem-solving for the next millennium are slim.

The image of the ancient waterwheel, the device which harnesses water into power, is an apt metaphor for future sustainable art practices. Converting free-flowing water into hydro-electricity is akin to harnessing creativity into artworks that have a value outside of the market economy. The ‘worth’ of art, it’s intention, can then be sustainable in the sense that it transmits understanding of critical issues of the day and enlightenment. Not only for the audience, but for the creators of the work.  Art with a shelf life after the latest fashion is enduring; art with intention does not deplete the natural resources of the soul, but replenishes them. This is an affirming intent of experience, that is self-maintaining. With an ecologically sound education backing up formal artistic practice, new sustainable ways of thought are incorporated into the design and execution of the art, be it conceptual or more traditional. Our philosophy at ArtMill has been to encourage both right AND left brain thinking, that is, enticing the intuitive, emotive functions of our minds with the linear, structured modes. This is classic Art and Science. We believe that Creativity and Sustainability  go hand in hand to make a whole being. Or work of art.

Like the water that is integral to the old mill, creative energy is vital to finding solutions to our world's problems. And making art that engages creative possibilities is what we aim to inspire. Art Dialogue brings people and ideas together, and like the hub or wheel of the mill, mixes them up and around in a wet and fertile environment spewing them out again in a life-sustaining form. We recognize the history of our region as a crossroads for multi-cultural overlay, and are committed to recreating that experience via cultural exchange and interaction in other parts of the world.  ArtMill is a think-tank in blue jeans that potentially will become a model for other experiments in sustainable education, feeding creativity into the environmental and governmental movements internationally.

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