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Looking forward to you all on the 29th!

Dear Artists, in the broadest sense of the word, you all are. Because this project is a creative endeavor to bridge many disciplines, several continents, and unite global understanding of pressing marine issues that effect our planet. Most of all of you have heard from me individually over the past two years. And now we will have a chance to meet in person, due in part to the generous graces of the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the newly developed Social Public Arts Resource Center that ArtMill/Art Dialogue is honored to be affiliated with. As we develop our ideas and project over the coming years for the proposed S.S. Palo Alto marine artpark, I invite each of you to stretch your imaginations, intellect, and resources to envision what we can do to bring this idea to reality. March 29th, from 10 a.m. -4 p.m we are scheduled for the first Roundtable discussion on the project. All invited participants are welcome to present a 5-10 minute presentation on their own work, their ideas for the Ship, or related issues such as the Monterey Bay, marine plastic pollution, global understanding and education of environmental issues, bridges of art and public awareness, international examples of similar projects , specific local issues of Santa Cruz County, education and alternative paths to understanding vital issues, the California State Parks situation and where we stand, priorities in former military property clean-up bases and future possibilities for engagement with the public, historical and architectural precedents. Realizing we are all extremely busy, I appreciate in advance your time and interest in the project, at the initial seedling stage. We must convince the California State Parks that it will be not only lucrative (with probable sourcing back to the Park system) , but solidly upholding the mandate of the Parks system: recreation, education, inspiration. We have been verbally promised the pier leading to the Ship. We need to negotiate further non-obtrusive installations on the ship itself, If possible, the Visitorʻs Center, LifeGuard tower, Concessions Stand, and surrounding area as a green zone, and potential model for what could be on the California Coast. And beyond. As the S.S. Palo Alto has over 4 million visitors annually, it may take a group of creative spirits like yourselves, to turn this sinking ship into a model for new life, marine and otherwise, along the planetʻs coast. Please r.s.v.p. by March 10, if you may join us or not. UCSC is providing sandwiches for lunch. Special thanks to Professors Dee Hibbert-Jones and E.G. Crichton in the Art Department for their amazing faith, and support to get this rolling. And of course, Kirk Lingenfield, (artist and St. Parks Superintendent), who has vision. Randy Widera, Friend of the St. Parks, whom you will all meet, is a touchstone to make this all happen. Michael Stanley-Jones, Safe Planet UN Liaison, (and California native with deep roots in the local environmental community) will hopefully be joining us, with a couple of other United Nations Safe Planet friends. Talk soon, Barbara

2011-03-10 - 11:02:00  by barbara

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01.04.2011 - 05:43 - guest - Thank you all, who participated at the Roundtable this week. Amazing energy and ideas to get what I think will be a long term project to promote ocean awareness into the world. Your participation was honorable and timely. Send in a page of your thoughts/sketches and we'll start to document this Catalogue of Ideas. For the Ocean, Barbara

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